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Entertainment Helps You Win Social Media

At the intersection of entertainment and education is a critical sweet spot for brands who are serious about elevating their social media. Providing value beyond your products is a concept that needs to be grasped if your brand wants to connect with your consumers and audience across the various platforms. 

Only promoting your products and services on social media is not sufficient for growth – and conversions. Instead, you should focus on brand awareness, consumer/follower affinity, and long-term relationships. And this can be accomplished by creating engaging AND entertaining content fit for social media consumption. 

Regarding social, it’s no secret that capturing our target audience (or audiences in general) is becoming increasingly challenging. A mixture of saturation and attention spans (with the emergence of SFV – short-form video) can be challenging but not impossible to navigate. 

So, how do you make your users stop to watch your brand’s content? Simply put..

Add the “entertainment” factor. 

In a recent Hootsuite Study on social media trends for 2024, the second reason people use social media is for entertainment and relaxation. Additionally, 34% of users have a negative perception of brands that engage in excessive self-promotion across the apps. Sure, posts about your latest store sale or brand update are important to share, but it’s just not entertaining and you’re more than likely losing your consumers/followers.

There’s a way to keep the business goal a priority without sacrificing entertainment. Entertaining content that doesn’t seem overly promotional into your social media content planning can boost engagement, consumer connection, and relevancy, and ultimately, return on investment (ROI). 

In your content plans, it’s important to identify your followers’ areas of interest and strategically fuse that with the brand updates you are trying to convey. Brands can seamlessly incorporate brand/product through skit/set placements, subtly branded merchandise in skits, or lightly produced Reels videos. 

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